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Are you a good listener? Do you want to help people cure their mental health? If yes, you should consider being a clinical psychologist. 


A clinical psychologist is a professional who looks at mental health disturbances of this patient. They majorly deal with individuals dealing with mental problems like anxiety, depression, addiction, stress and many more forms of mental illness. A clinical psychologist would mainly focus on individuals with serious mental health issues such as psychosis. 


Note: Clinical psychologist is not a physician. They do not prescribe medications. For medical treatment, they work closely with a psychiatrist. 

What are the roles and responsibilities for Clinical Psychologist?

    • Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology concerned with the assessment and treatment of mental illness, abnormal behaviour, and psychiatric problems.
    • This field integrates the science of psychology with the treatment of complex human problems, making it an exciting career choice for people who are looking to work in a challenging and rewarding field.
    • Diagnose disorders, using information obtained from interviews, tests, records, or reference materials.
    • Develop and implement treatment plans and therapeutic processes.
    • Use a variety of treatment methods, such as psychotherapy, hypnosis, behaviour modification, stress reduction therapy, psychodrama, or play therapy.
    • Monitor client progress through regular meetings or sessions.
    • Conduct research
    • Publish research findings in industry journals.


What are the key skills required for Clinical Psychology?

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Psychometric test
  • Disorder analysis
  • Mental health and wellness

What are the career opportunities in Clinical Psychology?

  • Depression counsellor
  • Brain Science and cognitive psychologist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Psychologists

What is the salary and demand for Clinical Psychologist?

1 Fees
2 Demand
3 Salary
4 Level Of Preparation

What education is required to become a Clinical Psychologist?

  • Student can do 12-Any stream. Then complete BA(H)psychology/Applied Psychology. Further you can Proceed with Masters in Clinical Psychology. Further you can Proceed with M.Phil/Ph.D..
  • Student can do 12-Any stream. Then complete B.Sc in psychology. Further you can Proceed with M.Sc in clinical psychology. Further you can Proceed with M.Phil/Ph.D..

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