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Do you like biochemistry? Do you want to conduct a medical test in pathology? If yes, you should explore the career path of a medical lab technician.

Medical Lab Technician is a laboratory technician who plans, conducts and summaries each medical test carried out in the pathology or medical lab. These test can be blood, tissue or other body fluids. Medical lab technicians (MLT) are the critical members of a medical team and are responsible for providing accurate data to the doctors for analyzing the physical condition of the patient. In this field, a technician can be specialized in any one or more aspects of medical tests such as haematology, microbiology, immunology, endocrinology, nephrology, parasitology and many more. 

Example: Blood test, urine test, vitamin test etc.

What are the roles and responsibilities for Medical Laboratory Technician?

  • Medical laboratory technicians assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by performing tests on tissue, blood and other body fluids.
  • Medical lab technicians most commonly work in hospitals or doctors' offices.
  • Conduct chemical analyses of body fluids, such as blood or urine, using a microscope or automatic analyzer to detect abnormalities or diseases and enter findings into computer.
  • Analyze the results of tests or experiments to ensure conformity to specifications, using special mechanical or electrical devices.
  • Set up, maintain, calibrate, clean, and test sterility of medical laboratory equipment.
  • Prepare standard volumetric solutions or reagents to be combined with samples, following standardized formulas or experimental procedures.
  • Collect blood or tissue samples from patients, observing principles of asepsis to obtain a blood sample.
  • Supervise or instruct other technicians or laboratory assistants.
  • Conduct blood tests for transfusion purposes and perform blood counts.
  • Obtain specimens, cultivating, isolating, and identifying microorganisms for analysis.
  • Examine cells stained with dye to locate abnormalities.
  • Consult with a pathologist to determine a final diagnosis when abnormal cells are found.
  • Cut, stain, and mount tissue samples for examination by pathologists.
  • Perform medical research to further control or cure disease.
  • Analyze and record test data to issue reports that use charts, graphs, or narratives.


What are the key skills required for Medical Laboratory Technologist?

  • Pathology
  • Testing and analysis
  • Microbiology
  • Data Entry
  • Medical test Reporting

What are the career opportunities in Medical Laboratory Technologist?

  • Radiology technicians
  • ECG Technicians
  • Health Technicians
  • Medical & Clinical Laboratory Technician
  • Operation Theater Technicians
  • Pathologist
  • X-ray technicians

What is the salary and demand for Medical Laboratory Technician?

1 Fees
2 Demand
3 Salary
4 Level Of Preparation

What education is required to become a Medical Laboratory Technician?

  • Student can do 12-Science(Biology recommended). Then complete Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technician (BMLT). Further you can Proceed with Master of Medical Laboratory Technician (MMLT).
  • Student can do 12-Science(Biology recommended). Then complete B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology. Further you can Proceed with PG Diploma in Medical Lab technology.

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