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Do love making travel plans for your family and friends? Do you also like to research about new places to visit? Do you want to plan a perfect holiday for people? If yes, why don’t you become a tourism expert?


Travel and tourism have become a global industry. People are always travelling for work or holidays. The maximum number of time, people plan their travel is through travel management companies or agents. It makes their stay comfortable and hassle-free. 


When a family take a holiday break, they usually aim at visiting their dream vacation for relaxing, enjoying and sightseeing. It is a travel agents’ responsibility to make their entire travel and stay very easy. A travel agent starts from recommending affordable and pleasant places depending on the clients budget.

They also arrange travel tickets, stay arrangements, food, planning sightseeing and various other activities. As a travel agent, you also get the opportunity to travel and explore new places. 


Example: There are various famous travel and tourism management agencies like MakeMyTrip, Kesari Tours, Thomas Cook, Expedia, and Club Mahindra Holidays. 

What are the roles and responsibilities in Travel and Tourism?


  • Travel and tourism management equips you to work in a travel agency, a hotel, an airport, or any other hospitality-focused locale.
  • Specialise in different types of tours such as tours to museums, corporate houses and industries, historical places, theme parks and amusement parks.
  • Be knowledgeable of attractive places, historical moments, right information and specialities of different areas.
  • They have practical communication skills for a productive conversation with tourists.
  • Prepare itineraries for the tourists based on their schedule.
  • Provide help and guidance regarding transportation, food, restaurants, hotels and shopping areas.
  • Prepare travel packages for outstation tours.
  • Have an awareness of necessary safety measures to deal with emergent situations.
  • Have a warm-hearted, lively, confident and a welcoming personality.

What are the key skills required for Travel and Tourism?

  • Travel Planning
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Travel Administration
  • Operations Management

What are the career opportunities in Travel and Tourism?

  • Tour Managers
  • Travel Guide
  • Travel agent
  • Travel specialist
  • Tourism Officer
  • Travel Consultants

What is the salary and demand for Travel and Tourism?

1 Fees
2 Demand
3 Salary
4 Level Of Preparation

What education is required to study Travel and Tourism?

  • Student can do 12-Any stream. Then complete BA/BBA Tourism Administration. Further you can Proceed with MBA- Travel and Tourism.
  • Student can do 12-Any stream. Then complete Diploma in Travel and Tourism.

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